Why the United Way

With the United Way, your gift goes a long way.

Whether it is helping people meet their basic needs, helping children succeed, engaging youth, or promoting self-sufficiency, the United Way of Monroe County works with local partners to achieve sustainable impact that improves people's lives.

$1 per week - one newspaper

Total annual gift = $52

  • Feeds one homeless person for 30 days.
  • Provides 5 emergency gas cards.
  • Supplies a new book for every child in a preschool classroom.

$2 per week - one cup of coffee
Total annual gift = $104

  • Sponsors 8 girls in need with the annual Girl Scouts Membership.
  • Provides an annual supply of seeds that will yield 6,000 lbs. of vegetables to serve 10 food banks.
  • Gives 26 teenagers an experience working in a service-learning project that empowers them to address a social injustice issue in their community.

$5 per week - one lunch special
Total annual gift = $260

  • Provides 13 pre-school children with speech and language screenings to ensure that children with developmental issues are able access services as early as possible.
  • Provides 40 meals to disabled or elderly people, unable to leave their homes.
  • Provides services for a homeless individual to help secure his or her home, while providing shelter until such time that they do.

$10 per week - one car wash
Total annual gift = $520 (Leadership Giver)

  • Supports 52 visually impaired individuals in attending a monthly support group meeting to help them connect with peers and learn to cope with their disability.
  • Supports 10 persons living with disabilities to take part in 8 hours of training and work-services to help them gain meaningful employment.


But why United Way? Why not one of the many other worthy causes out there?
Pooling of resources is a proven approach to improving the quality and efficiency of community service efforts. By combining your gift with thousands of others, United Way is able to achieve lasting impact within targeted need areas. In addition, the United Way provides a specific added value in conjunction with the programs it funds:

  • We coordinate service efforts to ensure that limited resources are being used to fund programs that address the most pressing issues identified by the community. Our ability to pool and coordinate resources is unmatched.
  • We enable our partner agencies to focus on implementing programs as opposed to fundraising. We provide a specific fundraising service for many of the smaller non-profits in our community that might otherwise need to spend significant resources on fundraising. In addition, our long-standing partnerships in the community allow us to access a range of donors that our partner agencies might not be able to engage.
  • We enhance and improve the quality of community services by making sure all funded activities are achieving concrete and measureable outcomes that meet specific community needs.
  • We inform and educate community members about the services that are available to them through referral, awareness raising and information services, such as PoconoInfo.
  • We mobilize volunteers by linking individuals eager to contribute their time with agencies that need their support.


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