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Impact Initiatives

United Way of Monroe County Impact Initiatives
Supporting the financial stability of individuals and families in Monroe County

Goals and Outcomes Established for the Enhancing Food Acces and Supportibng Working Families Impact Initiatives are as follows:

Enhancing Food Access Goal: All residents in Monroe County have access to healthy, nutritious food; improving their well-being, health, and independence.

Enhancing Food Access Planned Outcomes:

  1. a)  Low- and moderate- income individuals and families in Monroe County have increased access to supplemental food. 

  2. b)  Supplemental food providers are empowered to deliver quality and nutritious food across Monroe County. 

  3. c)  There is increased awareness and understanding of hunger issues in Monroe County and potential solutions among community leaders, government representatives and local decision-makers. 

  4. d)  Low- and moderate- income individuals and families in Monroe County have improved awareness of the value of eating healthy and an increased understanding of how to prepare healthier meals for their families. 

  5. e)  There is an increased efficiency in the food system in Monroe County. 


Supporting Working Families Goal: Working families in Monroe County are supported through regular opportunities for holistic development for their children and a supportive family environment. 

Supporting Working Families Planned Outcomes:

Category 1: At Risk Children 

  1. a)  Children from birth through age five are supported through high-quality early care and education and are ready to learn when they enter kindergarten. 

  2. b)  Children are reading at grade level by the end of the third grade. 

  3. c)  Youth develop critical life skills and are exposed to a range of career options that 

    empower them for their future. 

  4. d)  Children and youth are growing and learning in a nurturing, supportive and safe 

    environment inside and outside of regular school hours. 

Category 2: Parents/Caregivers of Low- and Moderate Income Families 

  1. e)  Families have access to high-quality, affordable early care, enhanced educational opportunities, and/or before- and after-school programs for their children. 

  2. f)  Parents/caregivers with pre-school or school-aged children are empowered to make gainful employment and access community resources to help protect their families from financial setbacks. 


To get involved in these Impact Initiatives, contact Jennifer Strauch at If you are an organization looking to apply for funding under these Impact Initiatives, check out our Request for Applications (RFAs) and/or Request for Proposals (RFPs) here.

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Investing in Our Community

One of the greatest strengths of United Way of Monroe County's Community Investment system is our citizen review process. TheCommunity Investment system is a critical component of our mission. Each year, UWMC relies on engaged citizens to help make decisions about which health and human service programs should receive the money that is raised.

Between late February and early April, these citizens spend about 20-30 hours (includes an Orientation breakfast, site visits/program presentations, final review meeting) to review program applications – available online - and evaluate program effectiveness.

It is the role and responsibility of volunteer panel members to approach each agency in good faith, with goodwill and without any preconceptions or extraneous agendas. Panel members must be able and willing to listen, ask questions as needed and learn.

Here are just a few examples of what these citizens look at:

  • Operating Efficiency: A thorough review of the program's budget, including income and expenses, administration and fundraising costs.
  • Real Results/Outcomes:  A program must demonstrate what   results aka outcomes the program accomplishes. This does not mean just supplying the number of clients served. It means showing how the program is changing/improving lives in the community.
  • Demonstrated Need: The program must show it is filling a need in our community. This includes defining the specific issue being addressed, the population being served and the impact on our community if the services were not available.
  • Site Visits/Program Presentations: Community volunteers and leaders visit the programs on-site, if appropriate, to see the program in action.  They meet with agency staff and volunteers to review the program applications and ask questions to improve their understanding of the programs and its outcomes.


  • Familiarize yourself with the agency and its programs prior to each visit by reviewing the online application.
  • Understand and maintain the confidentiality of information and discussions shared between the panel and the agencies reviewed. Be sensitive to conflict of interest. If you or a family member has a conflict of interest with a UW partner agency (whether actual or perceived) please be willing to recuse yourself from the site visit and any discussion regarding the agency and its program(s).
  • Recognize the partnership between UWMC and the agencies to help people in our community.
  • Enjoy and grow from this experience!

We would love to have you join us and be part of the process! Sign up online at:

For more information, contact Monica Cravotta at the UWMC office at or by calling her at (570)629-5657.

Click here to view our 2015-2016 Community Investment Report.



Beverly Braxton-Cannon

Deborah Harrison

Christine Harvell

Roger McFadden

Lucille Piggott-Prawl

Patricia J. Sayler (Committee Chair)

Constance Yuhasz



Lisa M. Campbell

Stephen J. Kozar

Linda F. McDonald

Deanna Ranger

Pam Reincke

Patricia J. Sayler (Committee Chair)



Eddy Acosta

Mallory R. Borchers

Deanna Detweiler

Tiffany Diehl

Kendall C. Galvin

Agustina R. Gonzalez

Tamica M. Gullins

Eva W. Haddon

Shari Hamilton

Eileen M. Holder

Judith M. Huebner

Rachsan Martin

Linda F. McDonald

Rabia Mendoza

Michael J. Monroe

Dwight J. Moran

Linda M. Pagonis

Deanna Ranger

Mary Ravert

Madison L. Reichard

Alexa Sanchez

Jennifer J. Steiner

LizAnn Tepper

Michael B. Tukeva

Peter J. Vankoski

Madeleine E. Wallace

Cheryl Werrbach

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Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer opportunities are available at

If you are an non-profit organization serving individuals and families in Monroe County, you can post your volunteer opportunities on the site by clicking Learn what Get Connected can do for you.


Book Drive and Day of Action
2017 Monroe County Summer Lunch Programs




To sign up for the Day of Action, visit: 






Day of Caring is a special day that gathers local companies/organizations, families and friends together to make a difference in our community   There are hands-on projects that involve volunteers spending a half or full day assisting the needs of local nonprofit agencies.
It’s easy to get involved.  Volunteer with your:
•    Company
•    Family Members
•    Friends

Click here to volunteer or set up a project.

To sign up to volunteer or to set up a project as a non-profit agency, visit


FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card

For the last 10 years, United Ways and FamilyWize Community Service Partnership have collaborated to bring greater stability to communities nationwide. We know from experience that families living on the edge never struggle with just one issue; it’s the combination of several problems piling up that prevents families from finding stability and truly thriving.

United Way of Monroe County has partnered with FamilyWize to increase the Health and Financial Stability of families in our communities. Through their prescription savings card, FamilyWize works to make prescription medications more affordable for all families, so that no one ever has to make the hard choice between the meds they need, and other basics like food or rent.


The smart way to save on prescriptions